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Although surveys for money certainly are alive and well ( and actually growing ) there still appears to be an alarming number of potential participants that fail to make any money from online paid surveys.

There is no real importance in the order of these mistakes as each one alone could stop you receiving any surveys for money.

1 - Using The Wrong Resources

If your going to take online paid surveys you will soon realize that you will need to find a good list of companies, otherwise known as a paid surveys directory. Looking for companies on your own will simply take too long and too much effort on your behalf to see if the company is legit or not.

Sadly no matter how dedicated you are towards making a success of taking surveys for money it just won't mean a thing if the list of companies you are provided with isn't up to scratch.

Don't let this put you off however as with the resources provided by a good directory there is money to be made from online paid surveys so it is worth taking a little time to research a few companies that claim to offer surveys for money before actually joining.

2 - Misinformation by new members

It isn't always the fault of the person trying to do surveys for money and is more often the fact they have been sorely misinformed about paid surveys that people enter with the wrong attitude.

Because of the amount of survey directories available today many are over hyping what paid surveys can achieve to get people to use their directory. In theory, and in the short term, this makes sense and in truth it is only what happens in virtually every other industry.

However this misinformation is causing new members to give up after just a few weeks and they are then spreading word that paid surveys aren't worth doing and ultimately this word of mouth will cost them in the long run.

The truth is that paid surveys are a simple way to make some extra money from home and are very unlikely in most cases to become a replacement to your day job. Once you've put a little time in it is quite easy to make $1000 a month with paid surveys.

That said doing surveys for money won't make you rich and in many cases you won't actually make any money at all for a couple of the weeks. The reason for this is fairly easy to grasp. Survey companies aren't going to offer a member a $50 survey until they feel that member has shown they are willing to put some effort into taking the surveys they are sent.

The best way to become an established survey taker with a company is to take all the surveys you are sent, replying promptly, and to complete them fully and honestly. If you do this the companies will soon think of you as a trusted participant and start to send you better surveys. This can take anything from a few weeks to a few months but in the long run it is an extremely easy way to boost your current income.

As long as you keep your feet on the ground and see doing surveys for money as what they really are worth doing and sticking with. If because you now know they aren't going to make you rich has made you change your mind about taking paid surveys

3 - Failure To Take Action Or laziness.

So many that actually find out about the possibility to make some extra cash throw the opportunity away simply because it all feels like too much work is involved. The only real "work" involved in taking online surveys for money is the initial stages when you have to register with lots of companies, to many this is too much work for them.

It's a pathetic reason to fail but sadly it's true, they go through the hard work of finding the resources that can make them some money but then go and throw them all away just because they can't be bothered filling in their profile pages.

Let's face it this isn't an hard task but what's worse is that if rather than giving up they did a little research they would find there are plenty of free auto form filler tools out there which they could have used to make this process less tedious and time consuming.

Even if after using the auto form filler tool it is still too tedious ( and too much like hard work for some ) then how hard can it be to realize all you need to do is break the task down. Instead of trying to join all the companies that offer online surveys for money at the same time simply break it down in to parts that you will find easier to complete.

Whether that means joining 10 companies a day, 5 a day or even just 1 company a day if it means in the long run you will stick with it and use the resources you have surely it makes sense to do it this way.

It really is a stupid reason why people fail to do online surveys for money with any degree of success and yet it is probably the most common. If you use the form filler or the break down method then there is no reason whatsoever for anyone not to take action and use the resources they have to take paid surveys successfully.


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