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Marketing is a multi billion dollar global business where it's all about your opinion as a consumer.

Companies are becoming more and more willing to pay you, the consumer, top dollars for helping them make their products and services better and more appealing.

Companies conducting market research spend millions and millions of dollars every year collecting and analyzing consumer opinions. Sometimes the survey questions are simply to find out if there is consumer interest in the product or service; at other times the survey questions are much more comprehensive and seek to learn from actual users, what the strong and weak aspects of their product is.

Here are some of the major reasons for each


Advertising forms big part of Product Promotion. Companies get equal or better terms through surveys of their products then just pure advertising in television or news media. Since it involves consumer in development of the product, surveys help companies a lot in receiving a feedback about their products, which is only possible through consumer surveys. Many Products have failed, which are not backed by effective surveys conducted by companies. And in today’s competitive markets, companies cannot take that risk or take consumers for granted.

Brand Building

On an Average it takes seven times of seeing a name in writing before the brain consciously recognizes the name. And this is a huge cost to the companies if not done effectively. And what could be better than Consumer Surveys for this purpose. Brand Building for a product is a huge exercise for the Companies and effective planning for it can only be possible if Consumer Surveys forms part of it.

Consumer's Negative Opinion for Advertisement

Products or Services companies know, consumers have a general hatred for Advertising of any type. Either its Advertising in a Prime Time Movie or Program, People will switch their channels to avoid viewing advertisements. On the Other Hand, Paid Surveys from Companies or Third Parties have grown in Importance. Unless and Until a Company does not get consumer involved in Product Development Stage through Surveys, People simply do not accept the product itself. For a Company, its a take it or Leave it Approach. Hence Companies need, Paid Surveys and they have accepted this.

Sense of Pride

If I, as a consumer, gets involved in Product Development and my views are incorporated in the product or service, I feel a sense of Pride. I will not only use the product but also recommend it to my family, friends and relatives. This creates an emotional attachment of the consumer with the product. And what company on Earth will not want this. This is not possible through Advertising in Super Bowl or on Television or Newspapers or just on Bill Boards on Times Square of New York. Its just possible only through Surveys. Hence surveys have become very important for Companies to be a long player in the Industry

Almost everyone is already doing it. Paid surveys have huge money making opportunity. Join Survey companies and find out how you can star in some Free to join survey sites. You can earn really good money just for sharing your opinion and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

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